Monday, September 19, 2011

Surprising Beginnings

The idea for this blog came to me after I spent about an hour and a half writing a response to the "Random Question" field on my Blogger profile.

First, I should mention that I did not join Blogger with the intention of blogging. I joined a few months ago to follow the deliciously insightful and charmingly...well, charming blog called Systers Wyrd. (If you are not already a follower, I highly recommend that you become one.)

But I digress! So, there I was, confronted with the question: "Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?" What a great, thought-provoking question! So provoking in fact, that it has kept me up past 3 o'clock in the morning. I was expecting something silly, but no! So, in true university-student fashion, I grabbed a pen and my notebook and began outlining my response. An hour or so later I had, what I thought, was an amazing 500 word response. Yay, me! Not so much.

I realized after I tried to input my response, that I had exceeded a character count built into the response field. I hummed and hawed about how to remedy this. Could I really cut my response to such a great inquiry down? It appeared I would have to. So, I managed in the remaining half an hour to cut it down to the 1, 200 character (not word, character - including spaces!) response that would fit nicely into my About Me section. There. I got my ideas out there. Time for bed. Yay, me! Not so much.

I went to bed feeling restless. Sure, I had conveyed the general idea of what I wanted to say, but the academic in me was not satisfied. There was so much more I could say. I mean, this is a question that I would not hesitate to give to a high-school English class as a short assignment! Then the thought popped into my head. I could blog my response. Couldn't I? I didn't see why not. I'm literate. I obviously have opinions. But who would want to read what I have to say? Then I realized that it didn't matter if anyone wanted to read what I had to say. It only mattered that I wanted to say it. So there, my mind was made up. I was going to start a blog. Who knew if it would go beyond just posting that one single response? I didn't. But again, it didn't matter. So, here we are!

My plan as of yet is simply to create a forum in which I can express myself on various topics that pop into my head and in which you can respond and engage with me. I may slide into a routine of once a week or once a month. I may not.

This brings me to the title of my blog. "Reflections of an Academic, a Woman and a Blonde". It is my personal belief that every individual is comprised of a mind, a body and a spirit. It is also my personal belief that every individual plays many different roles in society. For fear of being one of those people who explain the punch-line of a joke, I will refrain from explaining the connection I hope I have conveyed here.

So, long story not so short, welcome to my blog! If you've followed this blog, thank you very much! If you're just perusing with no thoughts of commitment, thank you just the same!

Good night, finally..


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  1. What a refreshing blog; I like your style. I am looking forward to reading your 'musings' as you put it. For now, one response; where would we be today if no one expressed their thoughts, if they only spoke when prompted by others? I think of the great philosophers that you have studied (and are still studying); those that you have come to admire very much. Such a loss if they would have stayed quiet and waited. Best of wishes on your endeavour. Looking forward to more.